Welcome to the Gopnik Cognitive Development Lab!

We belong to a consortium of labs called The Berkeley Developmental Labs, based in the Institute of Human Development at UC Berkeley. These labs collectively study children's learning and cognition.

In the Gopnik lab, we are particularly interested in how children learn causal relations - cases where one event causes another. For example, we are all quick to understand that flipping a light switch causes a light to turn on, or that yelling at somebody might cause them to become upset. However, our world is chock full of causal relations - so full of them that it's sometimes hard to imagine how children come to understand their world so thoroughly in only a few short years! We investigate exactly how children acquire very sophisticated understandings and representations of the causal world around them. 

Current Studies

We are currently running studies for the following ages:

Adults (18 years old+)

12 - 14 year olds

3 - 10 year olds

If you or your child(ren) would be interested in participating in one of our studies, you can sign-up through our "Get Involved!" tab. 

For more information about our recent findings, please see our "Publications" page.
For more information about our ongoing studies, please see our "Current Studies" page.